Scripting and Agent Workflows

There are three options for managing agent scripting and workflows with contactSPACE Red.

Option 1: use existing user interfaces and workflows

If you already have a user interface, such as one built inside Flex, you can connect it with contactSPACE Red to facilitate outbound dialing.

It’s also possible to utilize contactSPACE Red data management, dialers, and contact strategies with the Twilio stack if your user interface is completely custom-built. If you don’t use Flex and want to facilitate Twilio-based outbound dialing with your custom UI, this is possible with contactSPACE Red.

Whether using Flex or not, you’ll be able to use Twilio and contactSPACE Red APIs to integrate outbound dialing and data managment with your custom workflow and scripting solution. Our experts can help advise on and develop custom solutions, if desired.

Option 2: use contactSPACE Red CallGuides

CallGuides® are a way of keeping agents on-message, without having to rely exclusively on word-for-word scripts.

Using CallGuides®, you have complete control over the user experience – with our drag-and-drop editor, it’s a breeze to place elements exactly where you want them.

Plus, CallGuides® control the entire agent workflow. The agent is guided through every call step-by-step, ensuring you capture the data you need while maximizing efficiency.

For teams that don’t want to use custom-built interfaces, and need something that business users can edit on the fly, CallGuides® are the perfect option.

contactSPACE Red Flex CallGuide UI.

If you choose to use CallGuides®, they can be placed as a UI component like any other on the Flex interface. In this example, the CallGuide® is placed on the right-hand side of the screen, alongside the agent’s tasks and a live chat column.

Option 3: hybrid CallGuide® and custom interface

In certain situations, you might like to use CallGuides® to generate call disposition buttons and manage the agent workflow/scripting, while also bringing in other interface elements.

For example, you might like to pull in data from your CRM or website, to help agents access your knowledge base, ticket history, or their open tasks. Or you might have other applets custom-coded that you would like to include in the interface directly.

In this case, you can use CallGuides® in a way that works for you, with further information included with an iframe or custom code.

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