Industry Story: Financial Services

The need: making compliant outbound contact at scale

As a large North American insurance company, this business was considering deploying Twilio Flex in order to deliver a better customer experience.

They wanted to facilitate more digital interactions with customers over SMS, email, and live chat, and for their team to be able to manage these omnichannel interactions in a single streamlined environment.

However, this insurance company currently makes a significant volume of outbound voice contact to do upselling, as well as to reactivate customers that have cancelled their coverage.

Having a solution to make efficient, compliant outbound contact was a critical need that had to be met if the business was to go ahead with Twilio Flex.

If an outbound voice solution had to be built from scratch, this would significantly increase the amount of time it would take to recognize the benefits of the project.

Rather than taking on the perceived risk of developing a dialer and data orchestration solution internally, decision-makers wanted to use existing, proven technology, in order to reduce the complexity of the project.

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The solution: contactSPACE Red outbound dialing and data orchestration functionality

The business decided to use contactSPACE Red, a data orchestration and outbound dialing plugin that is native to the Twilio technology ecosystem, including Flex and other products/APIs.

contactSPACE Red has a range of powerful data orchestration tools and auto dialing modes, including predictive dialing, helping the business to make efficient, compliant outbound contact.

With contactSPACE Red, the business was able to go live with a pilot in just eight weeks, and began live dialing with their entire team one month after that.

With the help of contactSPACE professional services, the business was able to very quickly design, build, and deploy a solution that met their business needs, including being able to easily handle digital customer interactions.

As a result, the firm was able to immediately realize the full benefits of Twilio Flex, while also reducing the cost and complexity of their deployment.

The results:

  • Increased speed to value.
  • Reduced perceived risk of the project.
  • The business can now handle inbound and outbound digital and voice interactions in a single environment.
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Make efficient, compliant outbound contact – with Twilio Flex or Twilio APIs