Outbound Compliance


USA TCPA (FCC) compliance

contactSPACE Red enables you to make more right-party contacts, while maintaining compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

When predictive dialing, contactSPACE Red helps to ensure your team does not go above a 3% abandonment rate. The solution also gives you the ability to allow customers to easily opt-out if a silent call is made, in compliance with the TCPA.

With contactSPACE Red, you can also define intelligent calling logic based on the level of consent you have to contact a given phone number or customer. For example, if you do not have consent, you can first dial the customer’s landline number predictively. If the call is not answered, or not answered after a specific number of attempts, the customer’s wireless number can be dialed using click-to-call preview or progressive dialing modes, to ensure complete compliance.

CFPB and FTC compliance

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and FTC also have rules that govern when you can make outbound contact.

contactSPACE Red can be used to help manage CFPB compliance, by defining rules to limit contact attempts to avoid harassment. For example, ensuring that you do not make more attempts than is permitted in a given day, week, or month.

The solution can also be used to ensure that you get in contact on weekdays between 8am and 9pm, based on the customer’s location.

US state compliance

contactSPACE Red also helps you to maintain compliance with unique US state regulations.

For example, contactSPACE Red can help you avoid contacting customers on a public holiday that is only recognized in their specific state.

Certain states also have specific laws relating to cold calling and telemarketing, as well as state-specific do-not-call lists.

contactSPACE Red can help to ensure you never make a call you’re not supposed to, including by screening numbers against national and state-level do-not-call registries. The solution also allows you to easily define and update internal do-not-call lists, to help manage opt-outs and internal exclusions.


Ofcom compliance

In the United Kingdom, Ofcom has slightly different sets of rules pertaining to outbound contact, which contactSPACE Red can help you manage.

For example, after a call is abandoned, this same number or customer cannot be called predictively for the next 72 hours, in line with the Ofcom 72-hour rule.

Ofcom also has different definitions of call abandonment to the FTC, which contactSPACE Red can help ensure compliance with.

GDPR compliance

While telemarketing is not mentioned explicitly in European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), outbound dialing may be covered under the law in certain situations.

For example, the regulation emphasizes the importance of having consent to contact, if a business does not have a “legitimate interest” to get in contact, such as carrying out a service.

contactSPACE Red can help your team manage GDPR compliance by defining different contact strategies based on the level of consent available, and your relationship with the customer.

For example, you may like to auto-dial leads that have opted-in for more information, while letting the marketing team nurture less-developed prospects.


Country-specific rules

Different countries may have different rules, regulations, and do-not-call registries that your team must abide by.

For example, in Australia, calls conducted for research purposes can be made at different times of day to telemarketing calls.

In Canada, there is more leniency around maintaining National Do Not Call List (DNCL) compliance for charities, compared to commercial telemarketers.

contactSPACE Red provides you the ability to ensure complete compliance, no matter what rules apply to your specific organization.

Compliance Handbook

Learn more about the different compliance rules that apply to contact centers, with the contactSPACE compliance handbook.

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