Outbound Dialing & Data Management For Twilio-Powered Contact Centers

Make efficient, compliant outbound contact with Flex or Twilio APIs

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What is contactSPACE Red?

contactSPACE Red is a set of easy-to-configure Twilio-native plugins and APIs that help you meet specific functionality needs.

We exist to help you make better outbound contact, using Twilio Flex and/or the Twilio tech stack.

We also offer consulting and development services to help you ensure a smooth transition to Twilio-powered outbound.

Auto dialing & data management

Power through your leads with our intelligent predictive dialer, or design more precise nurturing strategies with our preview or progressive dialers.

Plus, ensure that you’re making the right contact at the right time in each stage of the sales life cycle.

Automatically deduplicate inbound form entries, and push them to the front of the queue to dial. Then, set up dialing strategies for existing data, to ensure you make the perfect call at the perfect moment.

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Complete compliance

Stay fully compliant with relevant state, country, and continent regulations when making outbound contact.

contactSPACE Red can help you create compliance rules that meet the needs of your specific organization.

Limit over-dialing while maximizing outbound effectiveness – with contactSPACE Red.

Optional scripting, workflow, and UI solutions

Keep agents on message, without relying on clunky external programs.

Instead, guide your users through each conversation dynamically – integrating customer data into the user interface, with contactSPACE Red CallGuides®.

Alternatively, use custom-built Flex or non-Flex interfaces in conjunction with contactSPACE Red APIs to handle dialing and data management.

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contactSPACE Red integrations.

Seamless integrations

Push and pull data to/from your CRM directly from the agent screen, driving productivity and minimizing wrap time.

Effortlessly develop custom CallGuides® to integrate scripting functionality, customer/lead data, and user call outcome logging in a single interface.

Use our integration module or custom APIs to get connected to the world’s leading CRMs, donor management platforms, and payment processing solutions.

Deploy faster

contactSPACE Red can help you get up and running with Twilio in time for your go-live date.

Our plugins can be easily configured, allowing your team to begin making quality outbound contact much more quickly.

We also offer development and advisory services, to help ensure a smooth outbound-enabled Twilio deployment.

Deploy faster.

Development & Consulting Services

Need help creating your Twilio solution?

We offer professional services to help you design and build the perfect Twilio deployment for your team.

Twilio Consulting

Learn how best to architect your outbound-enabled Twilio solution.

API Development

Build the perfect outbound solution using Twilio/Flex APIs.

Interface Design

Create user interfaces that empower your agents to be successful.

About Us

contactSPACE Red is engineered by the team at contactSPACE.

With decades of combined experience in the contact center industry, our team is more than ready to help your organization achieve better business outcomes.

We have extensive experience working with Twilio, collaborating on outbound-enabled deployments and building contact center solutions. Our customers make millions of calls each month using Twilio technology.

We are also ISO 27001 certified, meaning that we follow a strict framework of security protocols to keep our customer data secure.

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contactSPACE team.