How contactSPACE Red Integrates With Flex (Or Your Custom UI)

Learn more about the contactSPACE Red uses the Twilio Task Router to connect with your user interface

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contactSPACE Red uses the Twilio Task Router to connect with your Twilio Flex deployment or custom user interface.

The solution is able to easily integrate with your existing or planned contact center deployment, whether using Twilio Flex, Twilio Programmable Voice, or other APIs.

Here is how the software stack works, and how the three layers interact with one another.

contactSPACE Red

contactSPACE Red allows you to control your data, agent skills, and outbound contact strategies.

You can easily create and manage outbound dialing campaigns, and monitor performance in real time, using the contactSPACE Red plugin.

All settings can be edited using the intuitive contactSPACE Red graphical user interface (GUI). Call center and dialer managers can easily optimize contact strategies based on insights shown through contactSPACE Red reports and dashboards, with no coding knowledge required.

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Twilio Task Router

contactSPACE Red uses the Twilio Task Router to assign pieces of work to the correct agent.

Once contactSPACE Red decides to call a given number, and who will call them, based on the contact strategies and agent skills you have defined, the Task Router is used to transport this work to the agent.

The Twilio Task Router will send the payload to the correct agent who is in the Outbound Task Channel.

Twilio Task Router.

Twilio Flex (or custom interface)

At this stage, the task and its attributes are passed from Task Router into Twilio Flex, or your custom application/user interface.

Once it receives the task, the Flex UI automatically accepts the task for the agent. The CallGuide for the task is then loaded, provided you are using CallGuides, and not a custom user interface.

At the same time, the call workflow moves into action. If preview dialing, the agent will choose when to begin the call. If using progressive dialing, the countdown will begin, and the call will eventually be made automatically. If predictive dialing, the call would have already been made in the background, and the CallGuide screen pop will occur when the call connects.

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The following diagram shows how the contactSPACE Red technology stack works when it comes to task assignment, assuming you’re using Twilio Flex to make calls.

Note: contactSPACE Red is an extremely flexible plugin. Depending on your specific needs, and the workflow you would like to build, you can utilize contactSPACE Red with a different technology stack. For example, it’s possible to use contactSPACE Red without Twilio Flex, by instead making calls using Twilio Programmable Voice.

contactSPACE Red task assignment diagram.

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